One Piece Overhead Cover Jilbab with Plain Sleeves Tie Back Style

Size, Style & Colour Guide


HIDAYAH Jilbab is wide cut one piece jilbab,  provides complete coverage in one easy-to-wear garment. Beautiful and Modest style one piece long Jilbab.

Hidayah Jilbab is one piece long jilbab has beautiful flow with plain straight cut slim cuffs

Made from premium type of lightweight soft crepe, lightweight, easy ironing, crease-resistant with beautiful flow…

Poised to make waves in the world of modest fashion, Hidayah Jilbab is here to shake up your wardrobe! With its simple, elegant design, this one-piece long jilbab will be your newest fashion obsession.

Our jilbab comes with a timeless design and contemporary feel. While simultaneously being elegant and decent, it provides complete coverage in one easy-to-wear garment. This classic piece is sure to make you feel like a queen.

Why get yours?

  • Premium quality: Hidayah is designed to bring out the very best in you. We offer premium quality modest Jilbab that is made from crepe fabric to give you comfort, beauty, and elegance.
  • Easy wear: Designed to be the perfect hijab, easy to wear, soft and comfortable, with an elegant colour.
  • Crease-resistant: Our elegantly designed jilbabs are going to look beautiful on you without any crinkles. The unique crease-resistant fabric that comes with Hidayah Jilbab is the secret to a beautiful well-ironed outfit that is in your bag.
  • Ideal present: Give a gift that is perceptive and meaningful with Hidayah Jilbab. An elegant and professional Jilbab that can take them from office to mosque and anywhere in between.

Wrap yourself in opulence with Hidayah Jilbab. Its elegant design will make you stand out from the crowd, while the exquisite fabric gives you unmatched comfort. We create one-of-a-kind hijabs that elevate your everyday experience with a luxurious look.

Designed to enhance your inner beauty, Hidayah Jilbab is the finest in Jilbabs. Get yours today!


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Sizing For Your Abaya Length (just touching the ground)

ft/inches cm Classic / Umbrella Abayas /
Capes / Open Abayas
Wide Abayas All Jilbabs
4'9" 145cm 50 48 50
4'10" 147.5cm 50
4'11" 150cm 52 50 52
5'0" 152.5cm 52
5'1" 155cm 54 52 54
5'2" 157.5cm 54
5'3" 160cm 56 54 56
5'4" 162.5cm 56
5'5" 165cm 58 56 58
5'6" 167.5cm 58
5'7" 170cm 60 58 60
5'8" 172.5cm 60
5'9" 175cm 62 60 62
5'10" 177.5cm 62
5'11" 180cm 64 62 64
6'0" 182.5cm 64
6'1" 185cm 66 64 66
6'2" 187.5cm 66
6'3" 190cm 68 66 68
6'4" 192.5cm 68

How to find your Size/ Length Of The Item:
Check your height in Inch or cm, then select your size from the boxes.

Sizing For Body Type (apprx)

Chest Line (inch) FIT US UK DE FR
18-19 XS 0 6
19-20 S 4-6 8-10 32-34 34-36
21-22 M 8-10 12-14 36-38 38-40
23-24 L 10-12 16-18 40-42 42-44
25-26 XL 16-18 20-22 44-46 46-48
27-28 XXL 20-22 24-26 48-50 50-52
29-30 XXXL 24 28 52 54

How to find fit measuraments / body type:
Check your favourite dress or shirt measuraments flat under arms from one size flat to the other side
Or Get yourself measured professionaly and select most appropriate fit

Overhead Hijabs and Jilbabs Head Part Styles


Colour chart
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