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The Company

At ahdlondon, we understand that not all of us sisters are blessed with the ideal size that factories would want us to have when they mass produce a Hijab or Abaya line.

Allaah in His infinite wisdom has created mankind with different sizes and measures and no one small or large garment would fit, ideally and beautifully, every small or large sister out there. Some of us are created a little taller, or a little shorter, bigger in size or skinnier, some of us have long arms, short arms, long legs, short legs, pear shaped and the list goes on.

Many times we bought a garment only to realise that there’s still more work to do before enjoying it. And, how many times did we happily purchase a garment which we thought would look great on us only to be shaken by a bitter reality that it looks totally different than on the model, not because of the style or colour but usually because of the size. Well, no need to worry anymore! At ahdlondon, each hijab, each Abaya is measured, cut then put together by a Muslim tailor, who alhamdulillaah, knows about the teachings of Islam when it comes to crafting a hijab or an Abaya.

Our product is not a mass produced garment in some remote factory in the far east. Alhamdulillaah, each of our Hijab or Abaya is craft with one vision in mind – you, our client. When you order your Hijab or Abaya from us, you can rest assured that at our end it’s not just a matter of finding the right size on the box, then the colour and that’s that.

No! for us, it goes far beyond that. Once we receive your measurements, we cheer and feel content that a sister somewhere has decided to come as close as possible to the teachings of Islam and this alone is enough good reason for us to put the best of us to serve the best for you. Ahmed, our specialised tailor will put his 20 years tailoring experience in action and slowly crafts your garment to your exact measurements and makes sure that when you put it on the first time, you will go: ‘Alhamdulillaah, it fits me very well and looks very nice.’ – this to us is far more rewarding than the cost of the garment. Buying from us brings with it the peace of mind that you are buying to please Allaah, because our Hijab and Abaya are according to the Qur’aan and the Sunnah – no fashion hijabs, no cutting corners or taking hijab from where it should be – an act of worship to what it shouldn’t be – ‘a fashion, look at me garment!’ Our Hijabs and Abayas can be worn by any sister who is serious about her religion. You have a wide array to choose from, and all you have to do is take your measurement, (please see how to take them), then send us your order and you leave the rest to us. You’ll be very pleased you acquired your Islamic entity from ahdlondon.