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    Modesty and Elegance.

    Must Have Item for Layering. Combine with SAMIRA skirt

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    Mediumweight Fabric Maxi Skirt MAYA

    Length is based on your general abaya size / Length – e.g. 54…56..58..etc

    Width is based on your general abaya fit – M ..L..XL..etc


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    SAMIRA maxi skirt with elastic band

    Straight Cut Plain skirt with elastic band, maxi style skirt.

    Perfect for layering to wear with any style jilbab or on its own.

  • £55.00

    SARA abaya textured touch maxi dress is beautiful piece suitable for all occasions.
    Wide Cut Sleeves and straight cut style abaya. Elelgance. Simplicity.
    Beautiful Abaya with Kimono Style Sleeves

  • £45.00

    Plain everyday abaya with front zipp and elastic cuffs.

    Great Autumn and Winter abaya, made using mediumweight fabric.

    Perfect winter abaya for cold and windy days.

    Fabric is durable and has a nice feel.

    Grade D fabric type  – Autumn / Winter

    Items in Special Price Collection are limited in Stock and some sizes. Special Price items only available for online orders ( Orders with any Special Price items not available for store collection).

    Some Items in Special Price Collection are seasonal and only available for a limited time / season and while fabric stock last. So if you like it, grab it!

    Washable in washing machine, easy ironing.

    Limited Stock.